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Work with me

Hi love,

how do you feel today?

Your heart beat—the purest and your unique rhythm of your life! There is only one. Yours. With a finite lifetime. Stop. Pause. Feel. Listen. What does it whisper?

Did your heart skip a beat? When was the last time you listened to it, to your intuition, wisdom within, your true teacher?

Yes, I get you. When do we have the time to sit still in our busy lives, permanent distractions, noises? Once we sit still we feel unsettled, annoyed, bored.

So, what’s this all about?

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About Angela

Hi love

welcome. I’m happy to meet you here.

How do you feel today?

If you had asked me this question back in 2015 I’d have given you a complete different answer. My answer came from tears flowing down my cheeks. I sat with friends at a lunch table. We were talking about life and what makes us happy—animated by our Yoga Workshop. The lush green and beautiful nature of Ubud, Bali surrounded us. And I was in the middle of it—crying.

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Be a child

I’m making my way for the first time to the Passion Lab, which was founded by my current homestay. It’s a space, where like-minded people come together, share their passion, do things differently as I used to do. I’m sitting on the second floor under the bamboo roof, drinking hot ginger tea. The spicy taste …

The body remembers

While I was doing Yoga I integrated what I discovered a few days ago. Life keeps testing me on it – not only in Yoga, also in different situations throughout the day. And I keep working on it… 🙂 Let’s go back to this very day…

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Hi love,

how do you feel today?

Bet on your heart. But why? What are the benefits?

I love that you get the same chance as me.

Understand yourself better, find love and compassion towards yourself, see many different shades between white and black, get creative, playful, heal and transform yourself. Create new visions, perspectives. Create a new you. Create a new life.

Inspire yourself and others.

Bet on your heart, your intuition—pure, vulnerable, free!

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